How to change the ordinary into the extraordinary!

by Susan on January 22, 2009

Why sprout? Well, first and foremost, it is fun! You put these hard little seeds or grains in a jar, rinse with water for a few days and they come to life, right before your very eyes! And I really mean come to life. When a grain or seed sprouts, amazing things happen that translate to amazing things for your body. Enzymes are activated, there is a greater concentration of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Plus their digestibility greatly increases as they release live nourishment very easily. We will get into more types of sprouting later but today, we are going to sprout wheat berries and make two wonderful breads. Sprouts are a great part of your raw food diet. Many raw food recipes are also made with sprouts.

Eating raw is about opening your mind and thinking about food differently. We mostly encounter wheat after it has been processed beyond recognition as in white bread. Even in a whole grain bread, the amount of processing the grain actually goes through depletes it of much of it’s nutritional value. Let’s take the same wheat kernel and instead of processing it to death, sprout it and let it develop even more nutrients! Combine the sprouted wheat with flax, zucchini, carrots and a shallot, Zucchini Flat Bread!


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