Challenge 21 Day 15

by Susan on September 26, 2010

I am always amazed at how much will power one can muster when they just put their mind to it. I remember a book, years back called “Flipping the Switch”. And that is exactly how this feels. The decision is made, the date set and all of a sudden, it’s easy to stick to what ever you have challenged yourself to do.

During this challenge, I gave up coffee, along with eating all raw. I became a coffee drinker later in life. I don’t even remember why I started. I would only have one cup first thing in the morning, never after that. It became a part of my morning ritual. Grinding the beans, heating the water, using the French Press. It was more about the ritual than the coffee itself.

Coffee and I are not friends. It may have helped me wake up, but it made me edgy. The effect lasted for hours. Giving up coffee, for this challenge was a must. The funny thing is that I don’t miss it. At all. I still boil my water in the morning but now it is for tea with almond milk. I kept a part of the ritual, but changed some of the ingredients.

Is there something in your life that you need to change? A ritual that might not be the healthiest, but because of habit, you hang on to? Can you change it to be a  more healthy ritual?

Take a moment out of the day to do a little self-examination. And then take the challenge. Change it. Change your life.

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