Challenge 21 Day 18

by Susan on September 27, 2010

How was your weekend? We had beautiful fall weather here. I did a lot of hiking in the woods with the dogs. Which is a great by-product of the challenge. I did have an interesting experience on Saturday. I was photographing a cooking class. An amazing French chef who’s food makes you want to weep. Now, that was a challenge. And then again, not really.

It is amazing what happens when you get in the groove. There are still challenges, but it is so easy to say no. And when I tell people why, they actually are very respectful of what I am doing. Which, is great.

I have had a few moments, like yesterday when I was wishing for a nice hot bowl of creamy oats to greet the fall morning with. I was hungry and didn’t want to wait for the dehydrator. I had a cup of tea (satisfied the need for heat) and made my green drink.

Tomorrow I am going to talk about challenges that we have when eating raw. I would love to hear what your challenges are so I can also address them.

Happy Monday!

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