Challenge 21 Day 19

by Susan on September 28, 2010

Today I want to talk about challenges on the raw food diet and how you can meet them. But first, I will report in. I am feeling great. It is so amazing to eat anything I want (within the raw realm) and never feel “bad” after I eat. I have cravings once in a while, mostly because of advertising, or seeing something like the insane food at the cooking class. But, I feel so “clean” the desire to put that food in my body is really waining.

I have great energy, I am not missing my morning coffee at all, I am sleeping better, and I am losing some extra pounds. What I find interesting is that I honestly don’t have much desire for cooked food at all. In a way, I don’t want to go back, so to speak. That will be the challenge. And the fun of the new recipes that will be on the main blog. Finding out how to make some cooked food that still makes me feel fab!

When eating 100% raw, one other thing I notice is that I eat so much less food. I am satisfied with a much smaller amount, most-likely because the nutrient availablility is so much higher. I don’t stuff myself with anything. When I am eating cooked food, I am not satisfied as easily.

I do want to address some challenges that I find and also hear about.

1. Cost. Honestly, I don’t think that I spend any more money eating raw than when I am not eating raw. But I am also not a person that buy a lot of packaged or prepared foods. I work at saving money. If I need coconut oil, I will mail order it because I can usually get it for at least 1/3 off. Even with shipping. I also know the prices for all of my staples at all the different coops. And there can be a huge difference. One store will have raw cashews for 5.35 a pound while another has them for 9.95. I know where kamut is the cheapest and even flax seeds. I schedule my shopping with my other errands. If I know I am going to be on the side of town where they have the cheapest flax for a meeting, I always make time for a quick stop to replenish my stock.

I am also a huge proponent of the Farmer’s Markets. I can get amazing buys on organic produce. It makes it hard for me to actually go to the regular grocery store. Buying things in season and then freezing them or finding other ways to put things by is another way to save some $$$.

2. It takes so much time! Honestly, I spend much less time in the kitchen when I am eating raw than when I cook more. Once again it is all about planning! I almost always have something sprouting so I make sure I can make buckwheat breads, etc. Soaking isn’t a big deal! If you take a few minutes to plan out what you are going to make, you know that before you go to bed, you should drop some nuts in water. Dehydration takes time but once again, you don’t have to sit there and attend to it the whole time it is dehydrating. You throw together some stuff and walk away!

3. Dealing with Cravings. I have found over the last 19 days, that cravings can be dealt with in a few different ways. One of my favorite ways is just to find a healthy, raw alternative that will satisfy what ever the craving is. I love cookies. So, I make some great raw cookies. The oatmeal-raisin cookies are amazing and no one thinks that they are raw! There are so many great recipes out there now, it is easy to find things that will satisfy cravings.

I hope you are all doing well with your challenge.

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