Challenge 21 Day 20

by Susan on September 30, 2010

Just two more days left of my 100% raw challenge. I am diving in, head first to my next cookbook today, No Dehydrator Needed. It is always overwhelming when you are in the planning stage. So much work ahead, but I think this will be a great one for everyone.

It is interesting. As I sit here and contemplate incorporating cooked food back into my diet, I am finding that I am not that excited about it. I feel great right now and I know it is because of how I am eating. My body loves raw food, and isn’t a big fan of a lot of cooked food. The challenge for me will be to keep that 10-20% cooked food clean and pure, with only an occasional deviation into the dark side (cupcakes?).

One of the wonderful side effects from eating all this wonderful food is that I have been exercising more. Somehow they just seem to go hand in hand. I now take a 3-5 mile hike every morning with the dogs. There is this wonderful old growth woods by my house, filled with paths. I seem to not be able to get my day started properly now without the hike.

Have you noticed any other unhealthy habits that are slipping away when you eat healthier?

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