Challenge 21 Day 21!

by Susan on September 30, 2010

It is day 21 of my 21 day raw food challenge. Honestly, I can’t believe how the time has flown and what a wonderful re-set this has been for me. What have I learned?

1. Just because you are hungry, or the clock says you should be eating, doesn’t mean you have to eat. You can wait until you are around good, clean food.

2. Bad habits can be reset in 21 days.

3. When you change your eating habits, other healthy habits become easier and more desired.

4. Eating raw is not expensive, nor is it time consuming.

5. To be successful at eating raw, you do need to plan.

6. There are so many raw food substitutions that you can use to satisfy food cravings.

7. Food cravings tend to disappear when eating raw.

8. Sweet cravings tend to disappear when eating raw.

9. 21 full days of not feeling bad after I eat.

10. 21 full days of feeling energized after I eat.

11. Making a commitment inspires creativity.

I am grateful for this challenge. I would highly recommend that you do one of your own. Amazing things can be accomplished with just a little dedication and commitment.

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