Day 12

by Susan on February 13, 2010

I spent the day in the kitchen, which is an advantage that I have as I do this raw challenge. I was working on a post and teaching my friend, Jessica, some raw food techniques. I made a quick “stir fry” (recipe on the main site tomorrow) and she was blown away by how quick you can make raw food and how good it really is. I am fully into my 100% raw now. I have¬† developed new habits and they are becoming comfortable.

So many people are afraid of trying raw food because they think it is too complicated and takes too much time. Today, I threw some veggies in the food processor, chopped up some others and lunch was ready. If I was cooking, I would have only just finished the prep. But with raw…you are ready to eat!¬† In a few minutes, I am going to make a raw chocolate mousse. (recipe here) It will take less than 5 minutes, be completely healthy and taste great.

Yes, there are times that you have to do a little more planning. But it isn’t too hard to get into a groove. If you are enjoying the flat breads, make enough to last for a while. They are good in the fridge for weeks. Make sure you get a new batch made before the old one is finished. Have a well stocked pantry. You can get my pantry list by simply emailing me: Make sure you put Pantry in the subject line. And figure out what veggies you are drawn to. Make sure they are on hand.

Today’s Tip: Raw can be easy, fast and good. All you need to do is put your ducks in a row!

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