Kale and Cabbage Salad

Kale and Cabbage Salad January 25, 2013

I love this salad. It is fresh, tasty, healthy and keeps beautifully! The best part is that it has so much going on, it easily makes a satisfying meal. Full of nutrient dense kale and cabbage, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, you can really sink your teeth into »

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Sprouted Red Lentils with Curry Sauce and Kale

Sprouted Red Lentils with Curry Sauce and Kale December 5, 2012

I have to admit, I have a thing for soaked and sprouted lentils. The taste is fresh and they have a delightful little crunch, not too hard, not too soft. Simply delicious. They also pack an amazing nutritional punch. They are a great source of protein, B vitamins »

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Carrot Noodles with “Peanut” Sauce

Carrot Noodles with “Peanut” Sauce October 17, 2012

Peanut sauce with noodles is one of my favorite dishes. Once I make it, I can’t stop eating it … which isn’t necessarily a good thing. And unfortunately, the traditional way to make this dish is with canned coconut milk, peanut butter and rice noodles. I wanted a »

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Raw Mock Tuna Salad

Raw Mock Tuna Salad August 22, 2012

  Oh how I struggled with the title of this post. It isn’t really mock “tuna”. It is a wonderful fruit and veggie salad, with the addition of a nut paté and a wonderful raw, vegan mayo. But that title is a little long. What I did do »

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Watermelon Jicama Mint Salad

Watermelon Jicama Mint Salad August 6, 2012

Last weekend, I threw together an impromptu dinner some dear friends. The menu was mostly raw food. A wonderful corn and avocado salsa topped black bean burgers that were nested in butter lettuce. I wanted to make a quick savory watermelon salad but who knew it would end up the »

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Avocado Jicama Dill Salad

Avocado Jicama Dill Salad June 25, 2012

I am in the midst of a love affair. Completely head over heels swept away. And  by a fruit, no less. The object of my affection? The avocado. The Haas avocado to be precise. And it is the perfect time of year to grab a few of these beauties »

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Fruit Salsa with Feijoa Blossoms

Fruit Salsa with Feijoa Blossoms June 5, 2012

  One of my favorite things to write about are “found foods”. The wonderful little bounties that nature provides to us for free….if we just know where to look. Apples from your or your neighbors trees, plums arriving on the doorstep from a friend, purslane growing like a weed »

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Thai Style Noodles and Veggies

Thai Style Noodles and Veggies April 17, 2012

  What a journey raw food can take us on! It all started with a longing for Pad Thai, took a stop along the way to make raw fresh coconut milk and ended up with this wonderful Asian inspired dish that really isn’t Pad Thai at all!  The »

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Apple Fennel Salad

Apple Fennel Salad February 21, 2012

Apples and fennel. A match made in heaven. Combine it with a bright lemon maple vinaigrette and some macadamia “cheese” crumbles and you have a delicious salad that works for lunch or a first course for company! I love the combination of fennel and apples and this recipe utilizes both »

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Golden Beet and Cress Salad

Golden Beet and Cress Salad January 6, 2012

  Things have finally quieted down enough around here for me to get back in the kitchen and start some new recipes for the new year. I was browsing the shelves at my local grocery store and my eyes happened to land on a beautiful bunch of live »

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Endive Pomegranate Salad

Endive Pomegranate Salad November 2, 2011

  I am often asked where the inspiration for my recipes comes from. Almost universally, it is the ingredients that inspire me. I often just browse the produce section, grabbing things that catch my eye. On my last trip, two items really stood out – endive and pomegranates. »

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Hearty Heirloom Tomato Salad

Hearty Heirloom Tomato Salad August 30, 2011

  Having just returned from a wonderful trip to the San Francisco area, I was greeted by an empty refrigerator this morning. My first errand? A trip to the farmer’s market, of course! As I browsed the isles, the tomatoes started calling to me. Wanting something fresh for »

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Ground Cherries

Ground Cherries August 17, 2011

“Ping me when you are up!” The email was sitting at the top of my in-box from my friend, Susan Berkson, the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market queen. She hosts a weekly radio show called “Fresh and Local” and is all about the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. I jumped on video chat »

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What’s for Dinner?

What’s for Dinner? August 3, 2011

I just returned home from a fantastic trip to San Francisco. It is beautiful there. The stunning bay and the brilliant flowers and vines everywhere have such an amazing impact. It is like you landed in a fairytale land full of color. And the produce! Let’s just say »

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Summer Pâté Raw Food

Summer Pâté Raw Food July 25, 2011

When the summer heat hits, I am looking for quick, easy light raw food. Today I threw together a nut and seed pâté that you are going to love. There is about 3/4 of a cup of nuts and seeds plus a cup of chopped carrots, celery, etc. »

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Purslane Tomato Cucumber Salad

Purslane Tomato Cucumber Salad July 15, 2011

I promised yesterday that I would let you now what I did with my purslane. Tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, purslane and a wonderful southwest dressing! A perfect background for this beautiful little plant. I am going to go eat lunch now… To read more about the fantastic nutritional benefits »

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