Easy Raw

by Susan on January 27, 2009

One complaint I often hear is that making raw food recipes are difficult and time consuming. Ok. There are some raw food  recipes that can take days of preparation. I will address that. But the beauty of this is that once you make a batch of something. It can last a really long time. I make breads and crackers in large batches. Here I have my cinnamon pomegranate bread topped with Strawberry Banana Cashew Cream and a strawberry. The bread took a little time but this morning, when I put this together for breakfast, it took less than a minute. It is all about planing.

When you start “cooking” raw, you get on a roll. I will start a jar of wheat berries to sprout today. I just set them aside and three days later, after barely giving them a thought (only rinsing two times a day) I am ready to make something delicious with them. I mix up a great bread recipe and then into the dehydrator it goes. Once again, I don’t have to even think about it for another 8 hours. A quick flip and some more time in the dehydrator and I have a tons of beautiful bread that will last for months! A little work on the front side gets you months of ease on the back side. Not to mention how wonderful it is for your body!

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