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Raw Friday and Travel

Just a quick out the window shot from Summit County in Colorado!

I have been traveling all week, visiting my girls in Colorado! My feet will be back on Minnesota soil by the time you are reading this but a piece of my heart always stays behind. I spend my time between Boulder and Summit (where Breckenridge is) and between girls. I got lucky this trip as we all were able to be together twice! It has been a restful week, with a quite birthday celebration (me) and a lot of much needed rest. The strange thing is that I never pulled my camera out of the bag. This was a quick shot taken with my phone out of the car window!

I love having some r & r time. It clears my head and helps refocus my attention. I spent time knitting, hiking, reading and just hanging out. Eating was a bit of a challenge but now that one of my daughters has a nice high-speed blender, at least I could have my green drinks.

I have some fun announcements that will be popping up next week. Can’t wait to tell you all about them! (Hint: think online video classes, menu planning and more)

Have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Susan wrote on July 22, 2011

    The above photo was taken with my android phone. I normally shoot with a Nikon D300S. I don not use filters. That said, the camera you use is the least important part of good photography. The most important part is learning the craft. Learning about composition and lighting. Shooting thousands of photos to perfect your skill, helps, too. :-)

  2. Jessi wrote on July 21, 2011

    Beautiful images Susan! What kind of camera do you have? I am researching cameras … to buy! I would appreciate your input… on filters etc.


  3. Alex wrote on April 17, 2011

    Just discovered your website. What a coincidence that you were in Summit county last week – I live in Summit county! Your website is gorgeous, can’t wait to get further into it.

  4. Kim wrote on April 11, 2011

    Happy Birthday! I live in the Yukon Territory, Canada where we frequently experience gorgeous sunrises and sunsets such as you havea captured and it’s always such a joy. How incredibly blessed are we! Thank you for your wonderful site. You’re truly an inspiration!

  5. Joanna wrote on April 10, 2011

    LIke Like Like Like and….. Happy Birthday Beautiful!

  6. Susan wrote on April 10, 2011

    There are a couple of posts on that. Just put the word “travel” in the search box and hit enter. You will find it at the top of the page just to the right.

  7. Julia wrote on April 10, 2011


    How do you find and make raw foods while you are traveling?

  8. Laura wrote on April 10, 2011

    I can’t wait till you do the the on-line classes and menu planning. That will really help us. Beautiful picture too.

    We have the same birthday, I hope you had a great time with your daughters!!


  9. Marty wrote on April 10, 2011

    I have a sister that lives in Glenwood Springs, and another in Boulder. I bet there’s a bit more snow in Glenwood than in Boulder! Beautiful picture, thank you for sharing and I hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter.

  10. Joy Verning wrote on April 9, 2011

    I’m glad tht you got to visit your daughters in Colorado. That is the most beautiful state; we have a niece in Colorado Springs that we visit once in awhile, and when we do they take us all over. We love hiking in the mountains. Boulder is a great place too; we have been there a few times. Everyone needs an R & R every so often. You are a blessing to so many of us, so we pray Blessing’s upon you and your family!


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