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Rawmazing’s Newest Member: Sadie


June and July were tough dog months around here. Two of our four-legged family members departed, leaving a huge hole in our hearts and our home. I knew that we could never replace our dogs. I also knew that there are thousands of dogs needing homes. We had space and I sought out a rescue dog through the Midwest Pug Rescue.

After an extensive interview process of three phone calls and a home visit, I was approved and the search began. The pug rescue people take great care in matching dogs with new families. Your needs and the dogs needs are all considered before a meeting is even scheduled. Some of the dogs are older and have special requirements, and some are directly out of puppy mills and will require a lot of work before they are even adoptable. Midwest Pug Rescue has many foster families that are doing this noble work.

Sadie was the fourth dog I met and it was an instant fit for both of us. Sadie, is a sweet two year old that has already had multiple litters. When she first came home, she had no idea what a dog treat was. The other dogs promptly taught her the proper excitement level to obtain when the bone jar rattled. For the first couple of weeks, she did not leave my side, even getting up to follow me in the middle of the night. She has now figured out that I will come back to bed! She will even occasionally venture into a room I am not in. Considering everything she has been through, her sweetness and trust is amazing.

Sadie and Skyler

It took a bit to get used to her big sister, Skyler. I don’t think she had ever seen a dog quite that large. Skyler made many attempts to play with Sadie but every time she got close, Sadie would just roll over on her back, showing total submission. About two weeks in, her little pug spark ignited and they were off. If you have never seen a feisty little pug play with a 100+ pound Kuvasz, it is quite a site.

I am amazed at how quickly Sadie has acclimated. She walked through the door, checked out her new diggs and proceeded to repair a lot of broken hearts, both canine and human. She is amazing. If you are thinking of getting a dog, I would highly recommend considering a rescue.

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  1. Roxana wrote on January 5, 2015

    Thank you for sharing these amazing recipes, beautiful pictures and the cutest dogs!!!!

  2. Heather wrote on September 19, 2009

    Beautiful doggies!

  3. Lauren wrote on September 2, 2009

    Ahhh, I love Sadie!!! As you know pugs hold a special place in my heart, so glad you decieded to adopt! :)

  4. Lucy wrote on August 27, 2009

    Soooooooooooooo cute!!!! I have 2 Shih Tzus myself. I found bone shaped cookie cutters at Michaels. If not, I can mail you some for free. I love your website.

  5. Krunsdogs wrote on August 26, 2009

    Congrats to you! Sadie looks like a sweetie. Sorry to hear of you loss. Animal rescue leagues and humane societies have so many loving animals in need of homes. I hope more people will consider and adopt an animal in need. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  6. Susan wrote on August 25, 2009

    She is a little doll baby. I am thinking about a flax seed dehydrated dog treat but have to find a bone shaped cookie cutter!

  7. astrorainfall wrote on August 25, 2009

    Sadie is too cute. I’m a pug lover, too. I’m so jealous! This is such a lovely post on a raw food blog.

  8. Joelle wrote on August 25, 2009

    Awww, that is just too sweet! Sadie is adorable. Kudos to you for rescuing her!

  9. Mike Lieberman wrote on August 25, 2009

    She is adorable. Makes me want to get a dog sooo bad.


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