Jicama Salad with Peanut Curry Sauce

August 24, 2009
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If you haven’t had a jicama, you are missing out on a real treat. Jicama has a texture somewhere between a potato and a pear, with a slight sweetness. It is 86-90% water and is very hydrating. It has a very mild taste..somewhat reminiscent of apples and makes a great addition to salads. High in […]

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Raw Sweet Potato “Fries” w/ Chipotle Mayo

July 6, 2009
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Eating a raw food diet doesn’t mean giving up some of your favorite foods. I used to love to order sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo. But my body did not love eating them! I felt heavy, bloated and like I had been sedated! The deep frying plus all the saturated fat in the mayo […]

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Chia Fruit Salad

March 12, 2009
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What do you think about when you hear, Chia? If you are like a lot of people, the commercial, chia…ch ch ch ch Chia…starts playing in your head. Did you have a chia pet? I did. Little did I know that those tiny chia seeds…the ones that grew the mad “hair” on the little terra […]

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Zucchini Cucumber Hummus

February 16, 2009
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You may have noticed that I have been a bit fixated with flat breads lately. I am on a creative raw food recipe bender. Every morning I get up and another  idea pops into my head and I just have to try it! The breads are dense. They have a ton of nutrients but they […]

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Raw Vegan Cheese

February 4, 2009
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Life got exciting today. I made my raw food recipe for raw cashew cheese and it turned out great! I have been preparing raw food for some time now but the cheese, the ones that you  have to make and set-up for a day, seemed a little daunting. Well, as my friend Michael often says, […]

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Dried Cherry Chocolate Truffles

February 3, 2009
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I have a sweet tooth. It can be the bane of my existence! When my daughters were younger, I used to bake sheets and sheets of cookies and bars. Great for the taste buds, horrible for the waistline and diet. I love to experiment with recipes and made at least 20 different chocolate chip cookie […]

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My Raw Journey

January 18, 2009
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I spent a good part of last summer eating 100% raw food. It was amazing. I had unbelievable energy, mental clarity, and all of my aches and pains went away. I was having a great time. I got a dehydrator, a vita-mix, and about 20 cookbooks. I was amazed at how good the food was […]

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