Collard Wraps with Turmeric Spread

May 6, 2012
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Lunch can often be a challenge. So many times, I find myself lost in a project, only to realize that lunch time has passed and I am starving. At that point, I need something quick and healthy to throw together. That is when raw food can really shine. Grab a couple of collard leaves, chop […]

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Lemon Glazed Fruit Cloud

April 19, 2010
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I often get asked where I get my inspiration for my raw food recipes. Honestly, it comes from my past food life. My classical french cooking, gourmet wine pairing, foie gras eating, life. I love food. I love all kinds of food. While my love of food hasn’t diminished, my priority is now for healthy, […]

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Raw Food “Roasted” Tomato Basil Soup

October 5, 2009
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I often get asked how I got started with raw foods. It all involves a TV show, my trying to make the food because it sounded so interesting, and my daughters vowing to never eat raw food again after they tasted what I made. That was a long time ago. My daughters now love the […]

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Raw Chocolate (Cacao) Vanilla Banana Walnut Crepes

April 10, 2009
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One of my favorite things to do when experimenting with new raw food recipes is to make my “former” favorite foods in a raw version. I love crepes. My daughters and I enjoyed many Sunday mornings with a plate of crepes. But the old version with eggs, flour, sugar, etc. leave me feeling tired and […]

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Pumpkin Seed Crackers

February 19, 2009
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Are pumpkin seeds another super food? Would you believe that they are amazingly nutritious? Pumpkin seeds are full of magnesium, which keeps bones strong, promotes healthy heart function and supports your nervous systems function, B vitamins, and are packed with protein! They are also a good source of iron, zinc and fiber! These crackers are great with […]

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Zucchini Cucumber Hummus

February 16, 2009
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You may have noticed that I have been a bit fixated with flat breads lately. I am on a creative raw food recipe bender. Every morning I get up and another  idea pops into my head and I just have to try it! The breads are dense. They have a ton of nutrients but they […]

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Chocolate Dried Cranberry Pecan Flat Bread

February 7, 2009
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Once again, I found myself with an abundance of sprouted wheat berries on my hands. I made the Onion Flat Bread and  Cinnamon Pomegranate Bread. With the left over wheat berries, I wanted to create a raw food recipe with cacao to make a nice little dessert bread to have a healthy way to satisfy […]

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Corn Chips & Guacamole

February 6, 2009
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One of my favorite raw food recipes for an after work treat has always been chips and guacamole. Trying to be healthier, I switched to blue corn chips with flax. Maybe a little healthier than some of the others, but still full of salt, with the nutrients baked right out of them. More empty calories. […]

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Raw Vegan Cheese

February 4, 2009
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Life got exciting today. I made my raw food recipe for raw cashew cheese and it turned out great! I have been preparing raw food for some time now but the cheese, the ones that you  have to make and set-up for a day, seemed a little daunting. Well, as my friend Michael often says, […]

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Dried Cherry Chocolate Truffles

February 3, 2009
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I have a sweet tooth. It can be the bane of my existence! When my daughters were younger, I used to bake sheets and sheets of cookies and bars. Great for the taste buds, horrible for the waistline and diet. I love to experiment with recipes and made at least 20 different chocolate chip cookie […]

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