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Raw Blueberry Flax Pancakes

Sunday mornings have always been a special time for my daughters and I. The luxury of being able to sleep in and rising to make a big breakfast was the traditional way we celebrated. My girls are now living in Colorado and Sundays seem to beckon to me in a completely different way, but I still find myself craving that day’s tradition of a special breakfast. With that as my inspiration, I threw together a few things and came up with these yummy blueberry flax pancakes. They do take a couple of hours in the dehydrator so plan ahead just a little.




Blueberry Flax Pancakes


  • 1/2 cup flax seeds (ground)
  • 1 cup flax seeds (not ground)
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
  • 1/4 cup agave
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1/4 cup coconut (unsweetened, dried)
  1. Mix all ingredients.
  2. Dehydrate at 145 for one hour, flip and then dehydrate for 30 minutes at 114.

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  1. Iryna wrote on February 6, 2014

    Nevermind previous comment. I found the answer in the comment section. thanks!

  2. Iryna wrote on February 6, 2014

    Hi Susan, I’ve just started learning about raw food recently and thinking about getting a dehydrator. I have found your website and it is great! Love the pictures and detailed instructions. I have read that food enzymes get destroyed at 117 F, isn’t 145 F too high? Thanks in advance!
    PS. going to try your falafel recipe this week.

    • Susan wrote on February 6, 2014

      You can also read more about dehydrating temperatures on the FAQ page. Cheers!

  3. Elle Watson wrote on July 1, 2013

    I would love to know if people have used an oven before too?

    • Susan wrote on July 2, 2013

      Please see the FAQ page.

  4. Lynda wrote on March 10, 2013

    if anyone has experimented with an oven instead of a dehydrator let me know. or even without an oven or dehydrator. i would love to hear

  5. Yassir islam wrote on December 2, 2012

    Made these this sun morning as i was craving pancakes and they were delicious! Used frozen blueberries and they warmed up just fine. I topped these with yacon syrup. Perfect for a cold dec morning. Thank you for this recipe!

  6. Janie wrote on December 1, 2012

    My dehydrator does not have a temperature control. How do I know how long to leave them in it?

    • Susan wrote on December 2, 2012

      There is no way to answer your question. Without knowing the temp, you can not gauge the time. You will have to experiment. Also, I have found that if your dehydrator doesn’t have a temp gauge, it probably is dehydrating at a high temp and your food will not be raw. I would suggest getting an oven thermometer and running a test. Cheers!

  7. Becky wrote on November 21, 2012

    We don’t have a dehydrator and our oven only goes down to 170. Will this temp work for a shorter time period?

  8. Rebecca wrote on September 4, 2012

    Oh I’m sorry, as I scan the comments that question has been tackled, sorry to be a nuisance!

    • Susan wrote on September 4, 2012

      Don’t worry…it comes up almost daily!! :-)

  9. Rebecca wrote on September 4, 2012

    I thought for it to be raw it couldn’t be cooked/dehydrated beyond 118?

    • Susan wrote on August 20, 2012

      Thank you for letting me know. I appreciate it!


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